Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Between the Covers

I love writing for the Web - reviewing new wine releases for The Daily Meal, posting wine and food essays to my iSante' blog, being managing editor and lead writer for Sommelier News - but magazines remain my first love. So I was very pleased when I returned home from a 10-day reporting trip to Portugal and Bordeaux to discover two new issues of magazines I write for had arrived on my desk. Not only did I have articles in them, the pieces proved to also have cover appeal. Writer's Digest had a cover blurb on my "Learn to Be Creative on Demand" article, while the beautifully designed regional magazine, The Hunt, featured my piece on "Garden-to- Glass Drinks" as the cover illustration. (Inside, there is an additional story on shad returning - almost - to the Brandywine River.) Both covers are copied below, plus I've added the first page of my "Learn to Be Creative" article to possibly entice you to go out and buy a copy at your local newstand.

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