Tuesday, May 27, 2014

American Wine Society Journal: Famed Winemakers on Vintage '63

Authenticity. The wide use of the word by winemakers around the world often puzzles me, because they usually don't answer the obvious question: Authentic to what? "Authentic" must have a reference point of a place and a time - and it seldom is given one. For the summer issue of the American Wine Society Journal, I asked six famous winemakers - Robert Drouhin, James Symington, Marco Felluga, Joe Babich ,Mike Grgich and Angelo Gaja - what winemaking was like 50 years ago during the 1963 vintage in their part of the world. What did authenticity mean in 1963?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kennett Square Mushroom Article Posted to Modern Farmer Website

I live in Chester County, PA, which means that I live in Mushroom Country - almost half of the nation's fresh mushrooms are grown here. Read more in my article at http://modernfarmer.com/2014/05/welcome-mushroom-country-population-nearly-half-u-s-mushrooms/

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta Story Now Online in Town & Country

This weekend is the Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia and my article on the event and some of the people in it appears online in Town & Country at http://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/sporting/big-daddy-aberdeen-dad-vail-regatta.