Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brandywine Book of Food: Coming May 2009

Paul Mikos, Associate Publisher of Cumberland House publishers, knows how to reward writers who get their copy in on time. As the the last days of July crept up on August 1, three of us were scrambling to get in the text (me), photos (Ella Morris), and recipes (Cathleen Ryan) for The Brandywine Book of Food to meet our August 1 deadline.

The book is scheduled to be published in May 2009 -- a compendium of recipes, photos, and stories about the people who produce and prepare food in the Brandywine region of northern Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania west of Philadelphia. Cumberland House was itself scrambling to assemble its spring catalog and make marketing and sales plans. The book will definitely be of high quality, both inside and out.

The restaurants whose recipes are featured and photographed and whose stories are told include Talula's Table, Domaine Hudson, Toscana, Fair Hill Inn, Harry's Seafood Grill, the Hotel du Pont, Catherine's, Simon Pearce, Sovana Bistro, Brandywine Prime, Blue Pear Bistro, Nektar, Bistro on the Brandywine, Hank's Place, and Gilmore's. Plus tales from the regional wineries and the B&B's and small inns.

Was it just a coincidence that Mikos sent us the cover mockup (above) of the book only minutes after the last recipe was e-mailed to Nashville, where Cumberland House is headquartered? I prefer to think it was a reward for our hard work and for staying on deadline.

Definitely more later....

Roger Morri