Thursday, April 3, 2014

Drinks Magagazine Spring Issue Has Alsace Wine Article, Photos

I've never called myself a photojournalist. That's partly because the title implies being a photographer first and writer second. But I am a writer who often takes photos - and occasionally I even get paid more for the photography than for the writing. The two parts of reporting come together very well in words and in photos in my article in the current issue of Drinks magazine on the white wines of Alsace. Drinks - to which I've been a contributor for several years - is an excellent beverage publication that is custom printed for many fine wine shops. Find out more at

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xd451e1edcc8 said...

Regarding the title of the post "Drinks Magagazine Spring Issue Has..." Your skill with irony and dry humor has never been doubted; surely this is a typo.-JDH