Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New 'The Daily Meal' Slide Show: Golden Wine in the Venice Lagoon

I have a new slide show posted to The Daily Meal on the Venissa estate in the Venice Lagoon where the Bisol family has resurrected a golden, ancient grape - Dorona - and is making delicious wine from it. And Venissa is a great launching pad with its quiet guest house and elegant restaurant if you are exploring Venice. More at

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hewitth said...

Roger, I hope this finds you well. It sounds like live is good! Back to France recently, huh? ... you need to throw me your leftovers. Ha!

I'm writing, in part, because I have a friend in the Languedoc - Sarah Hargreaves - who does some marketing and such for wineries there. She was looking for some U.S. based writers to establish relationships with and send samples. I suggested Michael and you. She's great.

I'm busy with work a lot .... I led a College (where I work) group to the Languedoc this summer as part of a France trip and it went very well. As a result of that, I'm going to dabble a bit in wine travel. Already have a trip to Oregon lined up for next summer for a group of hi-end folks wanting a boutique experience. Fun!

Any way ... just wanted to say hello as well.

My best,
Howard Hewitt