Sunday, August 5, 2012

This September - Brandywine Book of the Seasons

This September, Ella and I will publish a new book - The Brandywine Book of the Seasons. It's a cookbook with a story, or, rather, several stories, for it combines tales and 45 recipes from some of the best chefs in our area of southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware as well as those of our friends who make wine, bake bread, herd sheep, age cheeses, grow vegetables and are dyed-in-the-linen foodies. The book is in living color with dozens of Ella's best shots, printed on 140 pages of quality stock - a perfect holiday gift for families and friends. Beginning October 1, the books can be ordered in bookstores and online via Partners East distributors, or you can drop us a line at for more information. We believe you can tell a book by its cover - and here's ours:

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