Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Category: Cougar Wines

A couple of days or so ago I did a Facebook post about reorganizing my cellar according to vintage and made mention of having several California reds from the 1980s. There were a couple of responses about 30-year-old Cabs, as though they had passed some quality statute of limitations.

I like a variety of wines and love to guess how classic Bordeaux reds will age when I taste them from the barrel barely six months old. But I've always loved the classic structure and lean finesse of older wines, and my wife and I regularly pull 20- or 30-year-old everyday wines from our cellar that are perfect for dinner.

But not every one believes.

So I've decided to promote a new class of wines - "cougar wines" after the name given to women of a certain age who may not have the bloom of youth but who proudly wear the patina of experience.

So let's hear it for cougar wines. There will be more on this subject.

Until next time...

Roger Morris