Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garcon! This Bottle Is Very Old & It Twitters

I'm not the most electronically ept person there is.
Oh sure, I would be bereft without my Blackberry (Barack, I'm waiting!), I much prefer e-mail to the telephone 99% of the time (even though the phone has never given me an electronically transmitted disease - ETD), and I have tasted wine on a Webinar while a guy in the Barossa Valley simultaneously told me what he had in mind while he was making it.
But mostly, I'm lame, a modern Luddite, when it comes to most social and networking aspects of the Electronic Age.
To paraphrase Sam Cooke's classic, Wonderful World:
Don't know much about the Interknitters,
I've never Facebooked, and I've never Twittered --
Still, I was intrigued when the wine folks at Wilson Daniels told me about an event they are working on with Twitter Taste Live to coincide with the 10th Annual Open that Bottle Night, the hugely successful idea of writers Gaiter and Brecher of The Wall Street Journal. Open that Bottle, in case you never heard of it, urges all of us who have been holding a bottle of the good stuff to open it on the same night -- Saturday, February 28 this year -- in a worldwide feel-really-good effort of sharing.
The folks at Twitter Taste Live (http://www.twittertastelive.com/) want to go one step further by having us all simultaneously get together electronically at 8 p.m. EST that night to taste our wines. I don't quite understand exactly how it works, but I think we taste the wines, then everyone within Twitterdom asks each other, "Baby, was it as good for you as it was for me?" and then you knowingly respond, "Yeah, but I think mine had a little case of Da Bret!" Then we drink some more, Twitter some more... you get the picture.
I'm not sure yet whether I'll participate or not. As I was writing this and looking in reality at the bottle in the picture above -- a 38-year-old 1971 Leroy d'Auvenay Bourgogne -- I decided to decant it and drink it on the spot.
As Miss Scarlet might have said in her younger days, "Why, Twitter-de-dee!"
Until next time...
Roger Morris

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